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Root to Bloom


photo by oh sierra

The Root to Bloom Tote // A community collaboration between people bringing their work together to raise awareness of poor living&learning conditions on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

Emily and I often find ourselves stewing in settler guilt, brainstorming ways we can get loud about the need for change in our country’s treatment (and disregard) of our indigenous peoples’ well-being. A mere 40min from where we live in Hamilton, the residents of the Six Nations reserve DON’T HAVE RUNNING DRINKING WATER.

Knowing this is a giant issue that seems too big to tackle, I called the Six Nations council and asked them how I could help. They encouraged me to support an immersion school on reserve. Kawenni:io/Gawenni:yo (KGPS) is a private school (bc the gov won’t fund that shit, obviously) that teaches elementary & high school in Cayuga & Mohawk language. This school is dedicated to the resurgence and restoration of their First Nations culture through language. Language is an important key to culture and a link to history.

KGPS is currently renting rooms in a lacrosse arena where there is also no running drinking water. They are hoping to build a new school on land that has potable water service so that they don’t have to ship in bottled water everyday.

We reached out to Jacqui Oakley (who generously illustrated the image of Mama Peonies kissing their baby buds) and Presstime Designs (who prints our Giant Tote) and to our luck they were happy to jump on board. After receiving the first mini-run of totes, we reached out to Oh Sierra Creative to see if they’d help us get the word out. Before I knew it, I was in a car with Xanthe and Frank (of Oh Sierra) driving out to the school to meet them and take pictures of the tote.

It was a quick, but highly emotional trip. It took less than 2 minutes of taking to Linda, the principal, before our hearts started breaking. I dissolved into a sobbing mess, apologizing to her because it’s all so unfair. My privilege. Their generational hardship.


100% of the proceeds from the Root to Bloom Tote are being donated to Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Private School.

As settlers on unceded land, we are committed to responding to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. We want to affirm that indigenous languages are a fundamental and valued element of our culture and society and that the preservation, revitalization, and strengthening of indigenous languages and cultures are best managed by indigenous people and communities.

Creating this tote / buying this tote is a small but accessible gesture, and one that is greatly appreciated by Linda and her team. This tote project is just the tip of the iceberg of the indigenous advocacy we have in the pipes.

Buy a tote. Tell everyone you know to buy a tote. Stay tuned for more: crowd funding, reparation movement classes, fundraising dinners, and who knows what else. Join us.

photos by oh sierra

a s t r o f o r e c a s t // august 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

This is the final instalment of the Astroforecasts with Michalina of Attuned Practices. It was super fun while it lasted and we're so grateful for her generous insights. Make sure to follow Attuned Practices on social media or even book readings with Michalina! Stylo will continue to sell the ASTRO prints. If you purchase all five at once, use ASTRO18 to get 20% off. 

August 2018 is a massive shift month, as there is a huge interplay between upheaval energies and maintenance energies. 

First of all, when the month begun, we were all still reverberating from the shockwaves sent by late July’s Eclipse-Full Moon in Aquarius, which challenged us hardcore on our beliefs and what we were willing to do about them. And as opposed to Cancer Season, which we just exited, this particular Leo Season has virtually none of the watery emotional swimming, instead it brings not only passionate Fire, but also the intellectual curiosity of Air and most of all, lots and lots of Earth, symbolizing our foundations, our values, home, and the everyday experience.

This combination of elements makes August an ideal time for making big boy and girl steps. This month is for the bold. August has more Fixed Signs than others, more Retrograde planets than Direct, so there is no escaping how deep and real we get with ourselves about our old and tired patterns, our old stories we tell ourselves and others. We are over it.

In Leo Season, we are brought to address our personal greatness, whether acknowledged or suppressed. And by addressing it, we must act, bravely, from our lion hearts.

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a s t r o f o r e c a s t // july 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

Ground down within yourself. The month of July is dominated by the grounding energy of all the Earth Signs. Granted, this may seem a bold statement, considering July being the site of the Cancer-Leo intersection, which has nothing to do with earthiness. Nevertheless, July begins with a move towards personal stability.

Juno, who governs committed partnership, moves from fiery Aries to reliable and secure Taurus, where She undoubtedly breathes a sigh of relief. In our partnerships, this should signal a settling down and renewed focus on the here and now. Moreover, of note is the lack of Libra energy this month. This underlines of how little influence relatability holds on our moves. Not only do we not want to be in conflict anymore, but we actually can’t be bothered to try to convince anyone either. This month, let’s look at how much less important it is to be understood or even liked, than it is to stay present and in our process. We know it. And we are in no danger of forgetting ourselves and what we are working towards due to the absurdly high amount of Retrogrades this month. These current Retrogrades indicate that we are just as busy, if not more, soul-searching and figuring things out, as we are out there in the world, doing the things.

As the transition from nurturing Cancer to self-expressive Leo takes place this month, it is certainly a month where we both revel in how good it is to be good to ourselves and how that in itself will reflect outward, irregardless of the audiences’ reception.

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a s t r o f o r e c a s t // june 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

June is the month where we shift from the excitement of spring/summer and settle into the fine-tuning of our experience. The move from Gemini to Cancer is comparable to the experience of taking on a new endeavour; at first you are just super enthusiastic and curious and keen! Then, with time, and as you become accustomed to your surroundings, you become more sensitive to the nuances, the energies and the power-plays, and so you fashion your own role and space within that madness. Your own bubble from which to operate.

This year’s June remains more dominated than usual by those bright-eyed and bushy tailed Gemini vibes, not least of all due to a New Moon in Gemini on the 13th that keeps the wind in our sails. This vibe is tempered by the strong hand of Capricorn influence and no fewer than SIX celestial bodies, stationed Retrograde (three of which are in Capricorn). In fact, this tempering of excitability is a really nice complement, because it keeps us on track.

June 2018 promises to be characterized by the dynamic of how to channel our ideas, creativity and passions into a platform that actually functions, as per Capricorn’s requirements, and doesn’t fall back into being just an interest that we happily partake in. A platform that we can keep feeding into and that will keep giving back. Literally, finessing out a personal process which can bear tangible fruits. June, my friends, is not about manifesting. It is about being moved by your own magic. It is about settling into YOUR niche and really doing it. It is about taking what sets YOU on fire and letting it set YOU apart from the rest. This month, do and make from your place in this world. A Full Moon in Capricorn at the close of the month will touch base on how we all do. Now let’s get to it, magicians.

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surround yourself with great ones by michelle cordeiro, cnp


I don't remember where I first read this, but I stumbled upon an article by someone I admire asking readers to think about the 5 people they spend the most time with on a day-to-day basis. The idea behind this has really stayed with me over the past few years and I urge you to think through this too. What I've found since taking this to heart has been kind of amazing . . .

The idea is that by looking at the 5 people you spend the most time with, you're better able to dive deeper into how they are benefiting or hindering your growth in many ways (and I think it's okay to be a little selfish here). 

Initially, I found this concept to be tricky to put into action. I felt as though I had to judge those around me, or categorize others onto some weird naughty or nice list, which is very much NOT me ... but of course it doesn't have to be like that. 

When I very honestly took a step back and thought about my top 5, it wasn't that I felt superior to anyone. Looking at my relationships with these people, it wasn't that I had outgrown anyone either - it was actually that we had just outgrown each other. 

Maybe we once held the same values and interests, but now we were moving in different directions, and this is okay! This happens! We go through so many changes in our lives - whether it's going to university, moving to a new city, having kids, going through a breakup - so it only makes sense that our inner circles shift too. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to cut anyone out of your life. Maybe it means you take a step back, give yourself some space, and become more selective with how you spend your time, who you spend it with, and base this on what YOU need in the present moment. 

If you find yourself becoming someone you dislike when you're with a certain crowd or individual, it's okay to let those situations go, and it's okay to spend less time with them. Maybe every interaction with a certain person or group leaves you feeling exhausted as you try to work through another superficial problem they're dealing with. Maybe you find yourself refraining from sharing your ideas with them in fear of being laughed at, held back or ridiculed. Maybe you feel as though you give them your whole self and receive little credit or appreciation in return. Once you think about it, these patterns become easier to see. 

So what happened when I looked inward at where I wanted to grow? 

I started to feel less guilty about saying no to hangouts or saying no to doing things that I was no longer interested in. I started focusing more on aspects of my own life that I loved and doing more of those things. What I also found was that I was very organically drawn to certain people. I was more open to new friendships, new relationships and I became so. much. happier. It became increasingly important to me to carve out time to nurture the relationships that felt right, and through that I was able to find the support and love that I needed at that time to move forward. 

By being 'selfish' in this, I was also able to be more present and to bring more value into the relationships that deserved my attention. This was important. My life became more authentic, more purposeful, and it made me into a better version of myself. This was evident in both my own life and the lives of others. 

This shift took a long time to take effect. Looking back, I found it became easier as I cared less (and I'm trying to continue to care less and less still) about what others thought, released what didn't thrill me, and opened myself up to what did. This is where the growth happens! The magic! The change! The good stuff! 

Think about what motivates you, what excites you, what THRILLS you. Let yourself be open to making new connections and forming a community of support around yourself that is authentic to you, and is what you need right here, right now. Need inspiration? Find someone in your community that inspires you and reach out to them! Buy them a coffee, pick their brain and see what you can learn. This has become a really valuable tool for me. Don't be shy - if they say no to sharing their wisdom they're probably not the kind of person you want to learn from anyways. 

But if you find someone who challenges your opinions, makes you think more introspectively and pushes you while giving you the support you need in the process; grab hold of them so freaking tightly! And even more so; give it right back to them. Be that person of support for them. Love up on them so intensely that it helps them flourish in the same way you do when you're with them. 

We're all better humans when we're honest, and we all grow when we support each other. These are my Friday musings.

a s t r o f o r e c a s t // may 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

Although we switch to Gemini Season half-way through May, the earthy, sensual, attentive energy of Taurus that the month began with will remain with us throughout. This is due to Mercury and Uranus taking over Taurus residence and also a few other planets remaining in another, fellow earth Sign, Capricorn (some are even stationed Retrograde there, so we are very entrenched in that energy). As such, our concerns this month will remain firmly on what we want and what our strategy is.

Backtrack: April had ended with a Full Moon in Scorpio that left us with some intensity of thought around how we intend to provide ourselves with the life we want. ‘WE’ as in our individual selves, no one else. The Retrogrades of May then go on to provide us with exactly zero room for settling and getting comfortable. So, this is not an unfamiliar theme. We’ve given it some thought. But what does this leave us with? Answer: Some real talk; what is it that you want and what are you prepared to do about it? Because this month is all about getting established; putting in the time, putting forth the quality, getting recognized and definitely about getting paid.

Luckily, our potential for focus is high, as May has eager, can-do Mars moving into the peace-loving and deep thinking Sign of Aquarius. This transit has us soaring above drama and pettiness, ensuring that we can better concentrate on the big, bigger and expanding picture of our lives. The message of this month is to get on it, to manifest and be about your priorities.

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a s t r o f o r e c a s t // april 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

We are S O excited about our new monthly collaboration with Attuned Practices & Stylo Starr! Attuned Practices will tap into cosmic consciousness for monthly forecasts and Stylo will create artwork to visually manifest the vibe.

Here's what's up // 

April begins fresh off the heels of the Spring Equinox, which added some pep to our respective steps, only to then get body-slammed with a Blue Full Moon in Libra on the very last day of March.  This was the second Blue Moon of 2018, so we took it much better this time, (after this past Pisces Season, we can take anything). Nevertheless, due to Mercury’s Retrograde, we are left more than a little disoriented, particularly in Libra’s domain: relationships.  Never fear. It’s just a shake-up, and hey, sometimes we need that...

The real focus of this month is on work/werk.  Most planetary positions are either in Aries or Capricorn this month, with a good deal of Retrogrades as well.  That means that we have uncommon zest about what we’re about. We are lusty about our goals, we are dedicated to our passions.  This combination brings a heightened awareness of both our abilities and our ambitions. As a result, we are are freshly, enthusiastically compelled to stand up and take charge of our individual situations.  

You know your brand of magic and this is no time to keep it dormant!  Embrace it. Let yourself be moved by it.

This vibe will not slow down, either.  The Aries New Moon half-way through the month gives us an added boost to keep that fire burning.  And all the searching, challenging and examining Retrograde energy of this month culminates nicely in the Full Moon on the 29th of April.  That Full Moon occurs in the most attentive of Signs, Scorpio, so expect to end this very active month with a clear understanding of just how damn good you really are.

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