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homemade electrolyte drink by michelle cordeiro, cnp


We're all movers, right!? 

Whether it's yoga, pilates, running, cycling, climbing, or dog walking... we all like to get our bodies moving on a fairly regular basis. As the weather heats up (these 30 degree days are amazing but SO spicy), it becomes even more important to hydrate before, during and after wiggling and jiggling our bods. 

Beyond just good old water, it might be time to think about shifting our focus to electrolytes and getting those important nutrients back into our body. I’m not talking Gatorade... Gatorade (and other marketed sports drinks) are often full of processed sugar, artificial colours and questionable flavourings while being void of any actual nutrients. 

Instead, go for a homemade version that is less expensive and more fuelling - because each ingredient plays an important role in hydration and recovery. 


Magnesium is amazing for muscle recovery. It helps to calm restless legs and eases aches and pains. This mineral is also plays an important part in stress management by supporting our adrenals, but it gets used up quickly when our bodies do go through stress (physical or mental) - like exercise. For this reason, I ingest magnesium in some form (added to my electrolyte drink or taken on its own) daily. 

Sea salt! 

Real, proper, 100% sea salt is an incredible source of important vitamins and trace minerals, which are also depleted when we move (and sweat!). Plain table salt is stripped of these minerals, so stick to natural sea salt instead to reap all of the benefits. 


Raw honey is the only food on the planet that naturally doesn’t go bad... CRAZY, I KNOW! Honey is full of natural enzymes and antioxidants that help to counteract the oxidative damage that comes from exercising. Honey also contains the amino acid Tryptophan which has a relaxing effect on the body making it perfect for chillaxing. 

Here's what I do! 


* 2 cups of water 

* 1/4 cup lemon or orange juice 

* 1 tsp magnesium powder 

* 1 tsp high quality sea salt 

* 1-2 tsp raw honey 

* Ice

Dissolve the magnesium powder, sea salt and honey in 1 cup of warm water. Once dissolved, add remaining 1 cup of warm or cold water, lemon or orange juice and ice cubes (if preferred). You can also make a larger batch and keep it in the fridge for the week! 

Enjoy :)



In addition to being a kick-butt holistic nutritionist, member of the Ritual Island practitioner team and weekly contributor to the blog, Michelle is one of the students in our first ever Ritual Movement Method Teacher Training. The program is a 200-hr, year long course, running one weekend/month to train folks to teach our unique approach to movement. It is full for 2018-2019 but sign up for our newsletter to be informed when we begin registration for round 2. 


What happens when you put a bunch of women in a room lead by Robin Lamarr?





It was just so GOOD.

I know GOOD is a pretty mediocre adjective, but when asked to talk about how I was feeling during those two days I often used it. I don't know, it was just hard to express, OKAY.

It was like we were all there for different reasons because none of us came from the same place but we all needed some sort of shift in our lives and then right off the bat we were sharing the honest, personal, hard, yet important stuff and it felt so right and so GOOD right from the first minute to the last. Did that run-on sentence do it justice? No, but I'm getting closer.

As I pedaled to the first day I had all these grand expectations about how much I was going to love every woman there, how I was going to learn so much, how it was all going to feel...everything. It was mapped out in my brain like a nicely worded novel where nothing could go wrong. And for a girl who thought she had a handle on managing her expectations to just go with the flow..this was out of character.

But then I arrived and everything was exactly (or maybe better than? yeah, better than) how I had imagined it. Honestly! Everything! The space was stunning, the group was open and welcoming, everyone shared, and we all just worked through the day together. Not to mention every piece of information made me really pumped on knowledge (diaphragms are so cool, guys!!).

I knew it was GOOD when halfway through my ride home I realized I had traded in my normal cycling focus of looking out for cars! potholes! broken glass! squirrels! for this really dumb toothy smile.


And then DAY 2 came, and it was like walking into a room of women you've known forever. No one sat beside the same person, we all mingled and laughed and awkwardly worked through each movement without judgement. We literally cheered each other on during the hard parts. I just can't. I could talk about this for hours..and I already have (shout out to my friends for asking and listening!).

What made it all extra special for me was, being my first ever movement teacher training, was the fact that it was Robin's first time teaching a training too. It's like we were all learning and growing at the same time and I think that added something a little extra.

I am so thankful. So privileged to have mentors like Robin and Emily. And so grateful to be supported beyond measure by those around me.

I think this is going to be big.