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moon moves moods // september 9th new moon in virgo

Original artwork by Charlie

Original artwork by Charlie

New Moon in Virgo September 9th

Earthbound with the New Moon in Virgo & Venus in Scorpio September 9th

As the Sun and Moon oppose Neptune in Pisces, this New Moon in Virgo is about synthesizing our dreams with our reality. 

Virgo brings the analytical side to what we want to create and takes into consideration the practical, day to day responsibilities that are required to manifest.

Venus moving into Scorpio the same day speaks of what we want and how we want to feel vs. what we can have. Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile (make a harmonious aspect to) this Moon, suggesting that we can stretch beyond, manage & accept what needs to be done in the material world when we see the bigger picture/broader vision. 

As we go internally with the dark of the Moon, set the intention to soften judgement. Practice encouraging affirmations to tame the internal + external critic. Allow space and time to pivot away from pessimistic attitudes that hold back the ability to participate, show up, and work toward goals and desires.

Charlie is a visual artist, RMMTT student and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

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