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moon moves moods // september 24th full moon in aries


Full Moon in Aries September 24th

Aries wants to forge ahead, no matter the cost - but as this Lunar position opposes the Sun in Libra, balancing our self-interests within our most personal relationships and other partnerships will be the key to emotional fulfilment. 

Whereas Libra strives for harmony and shies away from conflict, Aries brings intensity and confrontation. Try to think of emotionally charged exchanges as an opportunity to see parts of yourself that you are not usually conscious of. The true work however, is being able to apply what is learnt for the better.

As we set the intention to release with the Full Moon, bring attention to where you fear everything will fall apart if you are not in control. Yes, we are the masters of our lives, but we are influenced by external circumstances. Being aware of the context empowers us to be able to find our place and work toward our goals with peace and cooperation in mind. 

Persevering through emotionally turbulent times is what builds trust and intimacy - a vulnerable connection we yearn for. We could all use a little more tenderness. 

With this lunar event, may we find the heat to keep our passions burning.

Charlie is a visual artist, RMMTT student and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

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