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moon moves moods // july 12th new moon

Original artwork by Charlie

Original artwork by Charlie

New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12th

Every moon cycle gives us a chance to re-shape and refine. New Moons are generally a time of initiating new activity and energy, but this particular  Moon is asking that we tune inward. 

Combined with five planets in retrograde motion, slow down and listen in. What is your internal dialogue? Is it encouraging or are you stuck in a mental torture loop? 

As the Moon eclipses the Sun, look for the light in the shadow. Dark thoughts have their place, but it’s imperative to know when to move past them. 

This Moon is opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto wants to help us step up our game and evolve past self-limiting beliefs. Oppositions denote a time where things can happen at you or to you. Not everything is under our control with this aspect. 

Under the influence of this watery Moon, going with the flow will be exercising self care. There is so much in flux right now that we want to let go of controlling, micromanaging and overthinking to be in a state of receptivity. Know the difference between inspired action and action for the sake of keeping busy. Show up for what you know is real. 

Charlie is a visual artist, RMMTT student and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

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