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moon moves moods // june 28th full moon

Original artwork by Charlie

Original artwork by Charlie


Full Moon in Capricorn June 28th

Here it is. Two weeks of manifesting with the New Moon and now we are at the culminating phase of that unfolding- the Full Moon. What has shown up?  

This Full Moon lands in Capricorn early on June 28th, opposing the Sun in Cancer. Capricorn is pre-occupied with work and ambitions, while Cancer wants to nurture and tend to home life and personal matters. Strive to find the middle ground between these polarities and you will bring balance to your emotional life.       

We may feel disappointed as we start to identify what isn’t going to work, and what we need to let go of in order to move on. This is ultimately beneficial as it will help us to have more clarity of purpose when the next New Moon comes around (yay more chances!). In the meantime, a whole wave of emotions will surface and it is important to be gentle with yourself and others. Give yourself a couple of days to focus on forgiving and to remember what you’re grateful for. 

In Capricorn, the Moon will illuminate where there are control issues. Can you enjoy the process of building without instant gratification? This is the first Full Moon after the Solstice and it’s a good mid-year check in point. Find your center. Grounded and earthy Capricorn can help us identify our worth, but approaches with a stern demeanour that asks us to be focused on the preparation that “becoming” requires. 

Charlie is a visual artist, ritual movement method teacher training student and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

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