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moon moves moods // june 13th new moon

Original artwork by Charlie

Original artwork by Charlie

Friends! We are excited about a new collaboration with one of our sweet community members, Charlie. Charlie is a visual artist with a passion for cosmic / esoteric / metaphysical practices and a student in the RMMTT program. Every Monday leading up to a New and Full Moon, Charlie will share her insights on how the Moon is moving and how that may affect our moods and feelings.

Fun, right?!

If you're a sceptic on the Moon's pull on our inner waves, I get it. I've been there. The metaphysical is hard to grasp and easy to deny. But...Yo, she can move the ocean, what makes you think she can't move the ocean within you? Your body is sack of water, filled with more sacks of water. If you're still not convinced, just stay with us for the ride. Read Moon Moves Moods. Look up at the Moon. Look within. Notice any connections between her size and your feels. Soon you'll notice patterns. And even if not, it's a fun opportunity to self-reflect.

Without further ado...

New Moon in Gemini & Venus in Leo June 13th

The thing about the Moon, she is our quickest moving planet in the solar system, transiting a new sign every 2 1/2 days. We see and feel her energy most presently. She is divinely feminine, mysterious and changeable. As our emotional guide, she is associated with mother hood, nurturance & nourishment, intuition, the unconscious and survival habits. 

As she moves around the zodiac, she makes three of several significant cycles: a New Moon, a Half Moon (Waxing & Waning) and a Full Moon. 

New Moon = Emotional Initiation
Half Moon = Emotional Turning Point
Full Moon = Emotional Culmination

The New Moon with the influence of Gemini could initiate new stories around how we communicate what we feel to the world. It could inspire curiosity about feminine energy of our inner world. 

Coupled with this New Moon in Gemini, Venus, the planet of love & intimacy, leisure & pleasure, art and creativity, moves into Leo until July 9th. Roar and purrr. Leo’s are the warmest sign in the zodiac. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and feel just about every emotion, very dramatically. However, feeling safe enough to be raw and emotional is a necessity. During this transit, we may gain great satisfaction when we cultivate our connection to spiritual matters and our ability to be a channel for divine information. Look deeper into relationship needs to avoid shallow achievements. 

Gemini and Leo are two of the most child-like and fun-humoured signs in the zodiac. Look for the jokes - they are everywhere. Indulging in play time opens up receptivity. Follow and express what you feel, but watch for over-analyzing. Understand that words are meaningless when they aren’t followed by action. 

We will benefit most from this energetic combination when we motivate ourselves to commit to our chosen paths with the courage to lead from the depths of our hearts. 

Wishing abundant new beginnings that illuminate and satisfy your truest heart’s desire!! 

Charlie is a visual artist, RMMTT student and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

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// @changeable_charlie

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