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a s t r o f o r e c a s t // july 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

Ground down within yourself. The month of July is dominated by the grounding energy of all the Earth Signs. Granted, this may seem a bold statement, considering July being the site of the Cancer-Leo intersection, which has nothing to do with earthiness. Nevertheless, July begins with a move towards personal stability.

Juno, who governs committed partnership, moves from fiery Aries to reliable and secure Taurus, where She undoubtedly breathes a sigh of relief. In our partnerships, this should signal a settling down and renewed focus on the here and now. Moreover, of note is the lack of Libra energy this month. This underlines of how little influence relatability holds on our moves. Not only do we not want to be in conflict anymore, but we actually can’t be bothered to try to convince anyone either. This month, let’s look at how much less important it is to be understood or even liked, than it is to stay present and in our process. We know it. And we are in no danger of forgetting ourselves and what we are working towards due to the absurdly high amount of Retrogrades this month. These current Retrogrades indicate that we are just as busy, if not more, soul-searching and figuring things out, as we are out there in the world, doing the things.

As the transition from nurturing Cancer to self-expressive Leo takes place this month, it is certainly a month where we both revel in how good it is to be good to ourselves and how that in itself will reflect outward, irregardless of the audiences’ reception.

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