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a s t r o f o r e c a s t // may 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

Although we switch to Gemini Season half-way through May, the earthy, sensual, attentive energy of Taurus that the month began with will remain with us throughout. This is due to Mercury and Uranus taking over Taurus residence and also a few other planets remaining in another, fellow earth Sign, Capricorn (some are even stationed Retrograde there, so we are very entrenched in that energy). As such, our concerns this month will remain firmly on what we want and what our strategy is.

Backtrack: April had ended with a Full Moon in Scorpio that left us with some intensity of thought around how we intend to provide ourselves with the life we want. ‘WE’ as in our individual selves, no one else. The Retrogrades of May then go on to provide us with exactly zero room for settling and getting comfortable. So, this is not an unfamiliar theme. We’ve given it some thought. But what does this leave us with? Answer: Some real talk; what is it that you want and what are you prepared to do about it? Because this month is all about getting established; putting in the time, putting forth the quality, getting recognized and definitely about getting paid.

Luckily, our potential for focus is high, as May has eager, can-do Mars moving into the peace-loving and deep thinking Sign of Aquarius. This transit has us soaring above drama and pettiness, ensuring that we can better concentrate on the big, bigger and expanding picture of our lives. The message of this month is to get on it, to manifest and be about your priorities.

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