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moon moves moods // october 24th full moon in taurus


Full Moon in Taurus October 24th

Full Moons bring resolution, completion and results. It is an ideal time to exercise emotional releasing & letting go. 

This Hunter Full Moon in Taurus could illuminate where and how we hold firmly to our sense of self, worth, values and beliefs. As this Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, there could be sudden surprises that bring new insight to things we didn’t realize we were so unwaveringly attached to. 

As the Moon opposes the Sun, freshly in Scorpio and Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, ideas around possessing vs. sharing could also be in focus. We could either get sucked into fears of the unknown and over-take to satisfy a false sense of security or we could encourage ourselves to venture out of comfort zones. 

Self-love is so important because the way we treat ourselves extends to the way we treat others. Knowing our limits helps others to be aware of and *hopefully* respect the boundaries. And when we can forgive ourselves for not knowing better, we can forgive others too. 

This lunation, may we let go of the expectations we build around ourselves and others. May we allow ourselves to slow down, live moment to moment in full range of emotions, *knowing* we have the resiliency to get through it all. 

Charlie is a visual artist, RMMTT student and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

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