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what your poops want to tell you by michelle cordeiro, cnp


Quick poll: when you go to the bathroom do you wipe sitting down or standing up? 

It all started with Dan Harmon on a podcast talking about how he wipes his bum. Yep. Just so you know, Dan Harmon is a stander. He goes on to say that his friends all think it's super strange that he stands up, so naturally my roommates and I started discussing. Everyone in the house thought that his standing up routine was weird... 

Except for me. 

I was outed as a stander and was SUPER alone in it. So I started asking around and no matter what you think, the jury is out on this. I. AM. NOT. ALONE. Everyone I harassed for this personal info had such different (and STRONG) opinions on what was the right way to do the thing. I had created a shit storm (heh) of heated debates and I was loving it. 

I realized this is pretty in line with the fact that we just don't talk about our poops! We don't! So often talking with clients I'll find clues that lead to the root cause of an issue through something they take for granted. Something they wouldn't have mentioned if I hadn't asked because it never raised alarm bells to them. I mean really, who do we have to compare our poops to other than ourselves? 

Imagine a world where we knew what our poops were telling us? Where we talked (in beautiful detail) about the shape, size, colour and consistency of our number twos? I mean come onnn how fun would that be ;).

But don't worry, we're going to talk about it right now (no pictures, promise). 


Okay. In an ideal world, where everything was as it should be, we'd all be going three times a day (aka one meal in, one meal out). But this is hard to come by. Instead, ensuring that you have at least one decent (fully formed, easy to pass) poop a day is a good place to start. Two? Even better. Three? You're killing it. 

A simple way to test your 'transit time' (how long it takes for the food you eat to make it's way out of your body) is the beet test. YUM! Since beets turn your BM's (bowel movements) red, by tracking how long it takes to pass those beets can be a good sign of how long your transit time is. The shorter the better, though the ideal is around 18-24 hours since this is thought to be the average time it takes for your body to remove waste. A longer transit time could be a sign of constipation and might be something to think more about. 


Is one right and one wrong? Technically no, but one thing floaters may be telling you is that there's a high fat content making up your BM's, a sign that you're not digesting fats as well as you could be. Bile (produced by your liver) is needed to break down and absorb fats, and fatty poops could mean that your liver isn't quite functioning as it should. Crazy, eh! One small clue from your poop could be a telling sign about a big-shot organ! SO IMPORTANT! 

Since there are other potential causes of this (some totally normal, such as excess gas in your GI tract from certain foods), working with a health practitioner to pinpoint the underlying cause is the best way to properly rule out any issues. 

So while as a general rule I would say you want your poops to sink, there are many reasons floaters are perfectly healthy too. This ONE sign isn't going to make or break your level of GI health, so look deeper at what's going on and (always always always) focus on how you're feeling. 


According to the Bristol Stool Chart (since I promised no pictures, you'll have to Google it), the ideal BM is long and either smooth or with cracks on the surface. So, there's that. 

Did you Google it? Are you going to buy one of the BSC mugs or novelty t-shirts? Because they make those... the internet is a weird place. 

You also want to look to your poop for signs of improper digestion, which might look like undigested food particles or stool that is small and hard to pass. If you're finding undigested bits, think first about going back to mindful eating and ensuring that you're chewing your meals down to a paste before swallowing. If you find you have trouble passing these small 'deer poops', it sounds like you may, again, be constipated. 

Rather than turning to laxatives, there are many lifestyle and dietary factors to look at. Laxatives have a place, but the overuse of them can lead to a bandaid fix on a long term problem, and could cause your bowels to become lazy and dependent over time. So use them wisely. Tune into your fibre intake, how mindfully you're eating, your exercise routine, diet and lifestyle to see where more sustainable changes can be made. 


Need someone to talk to about what's going on with your number twos? I got you. I really think sharing these sometimes hard to talk about details with your health practitioner is extremely important. Whether it's me or someone else, finding a practitioner that you feel comfortable with is so so important to your optimal health. 

Because that's what we're after right? Health that isn't just getting us through the day but that allows us to thrive and feel really really good in our bodies. 

For this reason I offer free 15 minute meetups to chat, connect, ask questions and get feedback as to what's causing the funkiness in your gut. Often it's small changes that can reap big big results over time. 

Questions? As always, reach out!

moon moves moods

  Original artwork by Charlie

Original artwork by Charlie

Friends! We are excited about a new collaboration with one of our sweet community members, Charlie. Charlie is a visual artist with a passion for cosmic / esoteric / metaphysical practices and a student in the RMMTT program. Every Monday leading up to a New and Full Moon, Charlie will share her insights on how the Moon is moving and how that may affect our moods and feelings.

Fun, right?!

If you're a sceptic on the Moon's pull on our inner waves, I get it. I've been there. The metaphysical is hard to grasp and easy to deny. But...Yo, she can move the ocean, what makes you think she can't move the ocean within you? Your body is sack of water, filled with more sacks of water. If you're still not convinced, just stay with us for the ride. Read Moon Moves Moods. Look up at the Moon. Look within. Notice any connections between her size and your feels. Soon you'll notice patterns. And even if not, it's a fun opportunity to self-reflect.

Without further ado...

New Moon in Gemini & Venus in Leo June 13th

The thing about the Moon, she is our quickest moving planet in the solar system, transiting a new sign every 2 1/2 days. We see and feel her energy most presently. She is divinely feminine, mysterious and changeable. As our emotional guide, she is associated with mother hood, nurturance & nourishment, intuition, the unconscious and survival habits. 

As she moves around the zodiac, she makes three of several significant cycles: a New Moon, a Half Moon (Waxing & Waning) and a Full Moon. 

New Moon = Emotional Initiation
Half Moon = Emotional Turning Point
Full Moon = Emotional Culmination

The New Moon with the influence of Gemini could initiate new stories around how we communicate what we feel to the world. It could inspire curiosity about feminine energy of our inner world. 

Coupled with this New Moon in Gemini, Venus, the planet of love & intimacy, leisure & pleasure, art and creativity, moves into Leo until July 9th. Roar and purrr. Leo’s are the warmest sign in the zodiac. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and feel just about every emotion, very dramatically. However, feeling safe enough to be raw and emotional is a necessity. During this transit, we may gain great satisfaction when we cultivate our connection to spiritual matters and our ability to be a channel for divine information. Look deeper into relationship needs to avoid shallow achievements. 

Gemini and Leo are two of the most child-like and fun-humoured signs in the zodiac. Look for the jokes - they are everywhere. Indulging in play time opens up receptivity. Follow and express what you feel, but watch for over-analyzing. Understand that words are meaningless when they aren’t followed by action. 

We will benefit most from this energetic combination when we motivate ourselves to commit to our chosen paths with the courage to lead from the depths of our hearts. 

Wishing abundant new beginnings that illuminate and satisfy your truest heart’s desire!! 

Charlie is a visual artist and energetic practitioner. She is reiki certified and uses the aid of oracle cards and crystals.

Learn more about Charlie's practices or book a session.

For more transit-astrology forecasts and collages, follow Charlie on Instagram.
// @changeable_charlie

Watch for an online shop coming soon! 

BREW YOUR OWN KOM-BOOCH-A by michelle cordeiro, cnp


Do you have any rituals that you love? 

Maybe it's waking up and making coffee, spending time in the kitchen, doing a crossword with your roomies (hey guys!), or long afternoon dog walks. For me, it's creating a big batch of home brewed kombucha and watching my baby SCOBY's grow and grow and grow. I LOVE IT. 

If you've ever brewed your own kombucha, you know what I'm talking about. And if you haven't, join me this summer for a Kombucha Making Workshop! I love these workshops and love giving away my boochy expertise, SCOBY's + Starter to get more home brewers going! Join me :) 

I started brewing kombucha about 2 years ago and have pretty much fallen in love with the process, my bebe SCOBY's and the drink itself (tastes great on it's own, flavoured with ginger, or spiked with an added shot of rum). A quick Google search and you'll find the list of potential benefits is quite hefty, but I've found that there are specific advantages that I notice most - more on that soon! 


Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented bevvie made from tea, sugar and a culture of bacteria and yeast (it's not gross, promise). The tea is fermented for 14-21 days which builds up the healthy acids and probiotics that do wonders for gut health. 

The bacteria and yeast component is called a SCOBY, which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. The SCOBY (also known as the culture, the mother, the brain, the jellyfish...) eats up the caffeine and sugar to create organic acids that are present in the final brew. These wonderful acids are great for your health in many many ways, such as... 


We're talking less bloating, better digestion, increased nutrient absorption, energy boosts, immune system improvements, detoxification and on and on it goes. But I encourage (as with all things) to see how it makes you feel in your body and go from there. 

I find that kombucha does WONDERS to boost my stomach acid levels and reduce acid reflux, while helping my digestive system work a little more efficiently. For this same reason, it feels great to down some booch after a big meal when I feel sluggish and bleh. And I mean, it makes sense when you combine the fizz, the organic acids AND the added fresh ginger (that I rarely leave out of a brew because I love the SPICE). 

The probiotics found in kombucha help to reinoculate your gut with GOOD, disease-fighting bacteria that ward off bad bacteria from making a long term home in your belly. And while the amount and strains of these bacteria aren't as plentiful as taking a high dose probiotic supplement, by incorporating kombucha (and other fermented foods) into your diet, you're able to ensure you're getting a small dose of good bacteria each day. I like to think of the probiotics in kombucha as a good maintenance dose that you can easily incorporate into your life in a delicious and inexpensive way (when made at home of course!). 

When we think of detoxification, our liver is the main detoxifying organ needed to get the gross stuff (toxins, pollution, chemicals, etc) out of our bodies (if you want to know how to detox daily, check out this previous post right over here!). Glucuronic acid is created during the kombucha fermentation process and it's also made by our liver, binding itself to toxins to prevent them from being reabsorbed in our system. 

I like to think of this acid as a knight in shining armour that sacrifices itself for the greater good - because once the acid has bound to a toxin, it's forever removed from the body along with whatever is being detoxed. 

So when we think about all the chemicals we're exposed to on a daily basis, our bodies have to work pretty hard to keep up with proper detoxification. This is where supporting our liver becomes extremely important. By drinking or eating foods that increase our body's ability to detox, we're taking some of the workload away from the liver, allowing it to improve it's detox ability even more! I mean if you didn't already love drinking kombucha... 


Now let's get into the good stuff. HOME BREWING! 

ALL YOU NEED is a SCOBY to call your own, some previously brewed kombucha (i.e. starter liquid), some caffeinated tea (this feeds your SCOBY), sugar (this also feeds your SCOBY), a brewing vessel (any glass jar = perfect) and filtered water. 

Brewing your own booch will save you significant funds because each jar of home brew costs just pennies compared to the $4-$6 you'll spend on a store bought bottle. It also allows you to control exactly what goes into it, including the quality of the ingredients. Avoid added sugars and load up on healthy flavouring ingredients to take this concoction to the next level! 

Convinced? Curious? Questions? 

Join me for a workshop or reach out to learn MORE!

homemade electrolyte drink by michelle cordeiro, cnp


We're all movers, right!? 

Whether it's yoga, pilates, running, cycling, climbing, or dog walking... we all like to get our bodies moving on a fairly regular basis. As the weather heats up (these 30 degree days are amazing but SO spicy), it becomes even more important to hydrate before, during and after wiggling and jiggling our bods. 

Beyond just good old water, it might be time to think about shifting our focus to electrolytes and getting those important nutrients back into our body. I’m not talking Gatorade... Gatorade (and other marketed sports drinks) are often full of processed sugar, artificial colours and questionable flavourings while being void of any actual nutrients. 

Instead, go for a homemade version that is less expensive and more fuelling - because each ingredient plays an important role in hydration and recovery. 


Magnesium is amazing for muscle recovery. It helps to calm restless legs and eases aches and pains. This mineral is also plays an important part in stress management by supporting our adrenals, but it gets used up quickly when our bodies do go through stress (physical or mental) - like exercise. For this reason, I ingest magnesium in some form (added to my electrolyte drink or taken on its own) daily. 

Sea salt! 

Real, proper, 100% sea salt is an incredible source of important vitamins and trace minerals, which are also depleted when we move (and sweat!). Plain table salt is stripped of these minerals, so stick to natural sea salt instead to reap all of the benefits. 


Raw honey is the only food on the planet that naturally doesn’t go bad... CRAZY, I KNOW! Honey is full of natural enzymes and antioxidants that help to counteract the oxidative damage that comes from exercising. Honey also contains the amino acid Tryptophan which has a relaxing effect on the body making it perfect for chillaxing. 

Here's what I do! 


* 2 cups of water 

* 1/4 cup lemon or orange juice 

* 1 tsp magnesium powder 

* 1 tsp high quality sea salt 

* 1-2 tsp raw honey 

* Ice

Dissolve the magnesium powder, sea salt and honey in 1 cup of warm water. Once dissolved, add remaining 1 cup of warm or cold water, lemon or orange juice and ice cubes (if preferred). You can also make a larger batch and keep it in the fridge for the week! 

Enjoy :)

a s t r o f o r e c a s t // june 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

June is the month where we shift from the excitement of spring/summer and settle into the fine-tuning of our experience. The move from Gemini to Cancer is comparable to the experience of taking on a new endeavour; at first you are just super enthusiastic and curious and keen! Then, with time, and as you become accustomed to your surroundings, you become more sensitive to the nuances, the energies and the power-plays, and so you fashion your own role and space within that madness. Your own bubble from which to operate.

This year’s June remains more dominated than usual by those bright-eyed and bushy tailed Gemini vibes, not least of all due to a New Moon in Gemini on the 13th that keeps the wind in our sails. This vibe is tempered by the strong hand of Capricorn influence and no fewer than SIX celestial bodies, stationed Retrograde (three of which are in Capricorn). In fact, this tempering of excitability is a really nice complement, because it keeps us on track.

June 2018 promises to be characterized by the dynamic of how to channel our ideas, creativity and passions into a platform that actually functions, as per Capricorn’s requirements, and doesn’t fall back into being just an interest that we happily partake in. A platform that we can keep feeding into and that will keep giving back. Literally, finessing out a personal process which can bear tangible fruits. June, my friends, is not about manifesting. It is about being moved by your own magic. It is about settling into YOUR niche and really doing it. It is about taking what sets YOU on fire and letting it set YOU apart from the rest. This month, do and make from your place in this world. A Full Moon in Capricorn at the close of the month will touch base on how we all do. Now let’s get to it, magicians.

Dive in and unpack with Attuned Practices, offering readings, reiki and yoga.
Support Hamilton's own Stylo Starr's art.

surround yourself with great ones by michelle cordeiro, cnp


I don't remember where I first read this, but I stumbled upon an article by someone I admire asking readers to think about the 5 people they spend the most time with on a day-to-day basis. The idea behind this has really stayed with me over the past few years and I urge you to think through this too. What I've found since taking this to heart has been kind of amazing . . .

The idea is that by looking at the 5 people you spend the most time with, you're better able to dive deeper into how they are benefiting or hindering your growth in many ways (and I think it's okay to be a little selfish here). 

Initially, I found this concept to be tricky to put into action. I felt as though I had to judge those around me, or categorize others onto some weird naughty or nice list, which is very much NOT me ... but of course it doesn't have to be like that. 

When I very honestly took a step back and thought about my top 5, it wasn't that I felt superior to anyone. Looking at my relationships with these people, it wasn't that I had outgrown anyone either - it was actually that we had just outgrown each other. 

Maybe we once held the same values and interests, but now we were moving in different directions, and this is okay! This happens! We go through so many changes in our lives - whether it's going to university, moving to a new city, having kids, going through a breakup - so it only makes sense that our inner circles shift too. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to cut anyone out of your life. Maybe it means you take a step back, give yourself some space, and become more selective with how you spend your time, who you spend it with, and base this on what YOU need in the present moment. 

If you find yourself becoming someone you dislike when you're with a certain crowd or individual, it's okay to let those situations go, and it's okay to spend less time with them. Maybe every interaction with a certain person or group leaves you feeling exhausted as you try to work through another superficial problem they're dealing with. Maybe you find yourself refraining from sharing your ideas with them in fear of being laughed at, held back or ridiculed. Maybe you feel as though you give them your whole self and receive little credit or appreciation in return. Once you think about it, these patterns become easier to see. 

So what happened when I looked inward at where I wanted to grow? 

I started to feel less guilty about saying no to hangouts or saying no to doing things that I was no longer interested in. I started focusing more on aspects of my own life that I loved and doing more of those things. What I also found was that I was very organically drawn to certain people. I was more open to new friendships, new relationships and I became so. much. happier. It became increasingly important to me to carve out time to nurture the relationships that felt right, and through that I was able to find the support and love that I needed at that time to move forward. 

By being 'selfish' in this, I was also able to be more present and to bring more value into the relationships that deserved my attention. This was important. My life became more authentic, more purposeful, and it made me into a better version of myself. This was evident in both my own life and the lives of others. 

This shift took a long time to take effect. Looking back, I found it became easier as I cared less (and I'm trying to continue to care less and less still) about what others thought, released what didn't thrill me, and opened myself up to what did. This is where the growth happens! The magic! The change! The good stuff! 

Think about what motivates you, what excites you, what THRILLS you. Let yourself be open to making new connections and forming a community of support around yourself that is authentic to you, and is what you need right here, right now. Need inspiration? Find someone in your community that inspires you and reach out to them! Buy them a coffee, pick their brain and see what you can learn. This has become a really valuable tool for me. Don't be shy - if they say no to sharing their wisdom they're probably not the kind of person you want to learn from anyways. 

But if you find someone who challenges your opinions, makes you think more introspectively and pushes you while giving you the support you need in the process; grab hold of them so freaking tightly! And even more so; give it right back to them. Be that person of support for them. Love up on them so intensely that it helps them flourish in the same way you do when you're with them. 

We're all better humans when we're honest, and we all grow when we support each other. These are my Friday musings.

simple stir fry is the best stir fry by michelle cordeiro, cnp


This past weekend I went up north for a little birthday celebration with my partner. Wanting quick, easy, snack-like foods at our disposal we had evvverrryythhinngg from charcuterie board deliciousness, dips, guac, chips and (because...#health?) a bunch of veggies.

But when you barely touch said veggies (oops), and end up lugging home the cut-up remnants, void of all crunch, you grill that veg UP and turn it into a stir fry because:

1) It can be eaten within 30 minutes of deciding that's what's for dinner AND it's super inexpensive. Just cut up all the veg that’s lost its crunch in your fridge and throw it in.

2) You can make a healthy, really delicious sauce using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Store bought sauces are often full of sugar and GMO soy - things that are common allergens and can cause inflammation, but are easily avoided when you make your own.

3) Cooked vegetables are often easier to digest, especially if you find yourself bloated after eating them raw. Raw veg can be tough to properly digest and breakdown causing things like bloating, gas and cramping. If this is you, lightly steaming or sautéing can do wonders!

SIDE NOTE #1: I whipped this up, ate it and didn't think to take a picture or share the recipe until THIS VERY MOMENT as I write this and my partner finishes off the last bit of leftovers... I don't think I'm meant to be a food blogger. But please enjoy the generic stir fry stock photo above; it actually looks fairly, sort of, maybe, similar.


4 Servings / 30 minutes


●      1 tbsp coconut oil

●      1 onion, chopped fine

●      2 garlic cloves, minced

●      1 tsp cumin

●      1 tsp smoked paprika

●      1 bell pepper, sliced thin

●      6 mushrooms of choice, sliced

●      1 cup chopped carrots

●      1 cup green snap peas

●      1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

●      1 cup broccoli, cut into small florets

●      2 tbsp sesame seed oil

●      salt and pepper to taste

●      1/2 jalapeño (optional, but really good)

●      1/2 package brown rice noodles (or rice!)

●      hemp hearts + crushed almonds for serving


Heat coconut oil over medium heat in a large wok. Add onions and garlic and sauté with cumin and smoked paprika until softened. Be careful not to burn the garlic (I always burn the garlic).

Add all chopped vegetables (or whatever veg you have on hand). Drizzle with the sesame seed oil and sauté for 10-15 minutes until everything starts smelling delicious and the veg is cooked to your liking. Add salt, pepper and optional jalapeño.

While the stir fry is cooking, fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, pull the pot off the heat and add brown rice noodles. Break up noodles gently and allow to soak until soft and cooked through. Drain the water and immediately toss the noodles into the stir fry to prevent sticking. Sprinkle with hemp hearts + crushed almonds and you are good to go!

SIDE NOTE #2: My only issue with this meal was the fact that it was lower in protein. If we weren’t totally exhausted and out of groceries, I would absolutely add a better protein source. Chicken? Beef? Tempeh? Whatever you’re feeling, add it in!


E N J O Y !



In addition to being a kick-butt holistic nutritionist, member of the Ritual Island practitioner team and weekly contributor to the blog, Michelle is one of the students in our first ever Ritual Movement Method Teacher Training. The program is a 200-hr, year long course, running one weekend/month to train folks to teach our unique approach to movement. It is full for 2018-2019 but sign up for our newsletter to be informed when we begin registration for round 2. 


What happens when you put a bunch of women in a room lead by Robin Lamarr?





It was just so GOOD.

I know GOOD is a pretty mediocre adjective, but when asked to talk about how I was feeling during those two days I often used it. I don't know, it was just hard to express, OKAY.

It was like we were all there for different reasons because none of us came from the same place but we all needed some sort of shift in our lives and then right off the bat we were sharing the honest, personal, hard, yet important stuff and it felt so right and so GOOD right from the first minute to the last. Did that run-on sentence do it justice? No, but I'm getting closer.

As I pedaled to the first day I had all these grand expectations about how much I was going to love every woman there, how I was going to learn so much, how it was all going to feel...everything. It was mapped out in my brain like a nicely worded novel where nothing could go wrong. And for a girl who thought she had a handle on managing her expectations to just go with the flow..this was out of character.

But then I arrived and everything was exactly (or maybe better than? yeah, better than) how I had imagined it. Honestly! Everything! The space was stunning, the group was open and welcoming, everyone shared, and we all just worked through the day together. Not to mention every piece of information made me really pumped on knowledge (diaphragms are so cool, guys!!).

I knew it was GOOD when halfway through my ride home I realized I had traded in my normal cycling focus of looking out for cars! potholes! broken glass! squirrels! for this really dumb toothy smile.


And then DAY 2 came, and it was like walking into a room of women you've known forever. No one sat beside the same person, we all mingled and laughed and awkwardly worked through each movement without judgement. We literally cheered each other on during the hard parts. I just can't. I could talk about this for hours..and I already have (shout out to my friends for asking and listening!).

What made it all extra special for me was, being my first ever movement teacher training, was the fact that it was Robin's first time teaching a training too. It's like we were all learning and growing at the same time and I think that added something a little extra.

I am so thankful. So privileged to have mentors like Robin and Emily. And so grateful to be supported beyond measure by those around me.

I think this is going to be big.

Love Your Mama (Earth) by Michelle Cordeiro, CNP


I’m feeling all kinds of feels after listening to my sweet sweet pals interviewed for an episode of The Market Girls podcast, and wanted to touch on some of my thoughts on easy peasy sustainability. The podcast was interviewing Erik and Michael, creators, owners and big dreamers of Sustainabus; a self converted school bus they plan to drive up to Alaska and down the West Coast to the southernmost tip of South America over the next two years.

Powered by wind turbines and solar panels, run on biodiesel (aka restaurant grease, WHAT!?), created from recycled wood found on Kijiji, a toilet that turns your POOP into COMPOST (yes!) and rain water collectors lining the sides (there’s more, but that's all I can remember), this bus isn't your average van conversion.  I can’t fully describe my love for this project, or how much these two inspire me, so go give the podcast a listen HERE.

We don’t all have to buy a bus and create a huge green initiative, but there’s absolutely steps we can take everyday to be more gentle on Mama Earth.

It can sometimes be discouraging when looking at the 'natural' alternatives, which can cost considerably more than conventional products. It's often not feasible to make a big lifestyle shift overnight - so don't think of it that way!

There's nothing sustainable about throwing out that week old plastic toothbrush or the half used antiperspirant to buy the natural alternatives. If we focus instead on using up the products that we have and then replacing them one by one as needed, we can make the transition slowly, gently and more realistically.

SO as you run out of these things, as they break, or if you're buying it for the first time, consider these alternatives:


Go for the glass variety instead. Not only will replacing your plastic containers with glass be better for your health (no funky plastic chemicals leaking into your food overtime), but they also last considerably longer than plastic since they're of a much higher quality.


Afraid of spending a bunch of money on glass containers, only to drop them on your tile floor? Instead of buying a new set of glass, you can choose stainless steel containers or focus on purchasing goods that come in glass jars already. My favourite lunch containers come from nut butter and tahini jars that I've scraped clean; free and easy to wash!


Have you heard of beeswax paper!? IT'S THE BEST! Totally reusable and made entirely of beeswax, this paper can be wrapped around your half eaten avocado, lemon, bowl of spaghetti or chopped veg to keep it incredibly fresh in the fridge. It's also self adhesive so it creates an airtight seal around whatever you need it to. After each use just wash it clean and reuse it again and again. If you're in the Hamilton area, The Pale Blue Dot sells a wide range of sizes (and a whole bunch of other exciting reusable goodies!).

You can also find great reusable ziplock bags online, like Colibri (they're what a friend used to carry trail mix in and she cleverly coined the name 'nut sac'...let's keep the tradition alive!) or Blue Avocado, which make silicon ones (great for freezing foods!). They have an easy to clean surface on the inside so they can be wiped down between uses or thrown right in the wash for a more deep clean as needed.


Choose locally grown and ask questions! Not all produce that isn't certified organic is necessarily sprayed with chemicals. Talk to the farmers at the stalls in your farmer's market and find out their growing practices. Ask questions such as when was the food picked? Was it picked when ripe? Were any pesticides used? This will help you make a more informed decision about whether or not to support that particular stall.

And if the farmer isn't open to answering your probably don't want to be shopping there. Local produce requires less fossil fuels to get it to its destination, which also means the produce from local stalls probably hasn't been sitting in transport ripening for days instead of ripening on the vine before being picked (yielding a higher nutritional value and smaller footprint!).


Bring your own container! And this is across the board. Whether you're going to a coffee shop for a takeaway bevvie, getting takeout food, or heading to a bulk store for some goodies, bring a container so you don't have to use the plastic cups, bags or styrofoam provided. There are so many beautiful designs and finding one that excites you and works with your day to day will ensure you'll stick to using it. For example, if you ride a bike (hello bonus sustainable suggestion!) pick something like the Keep Cup that seals well and fits in the water bottle holder on your frame.


Shopping second hand is becoming more and more 'trendy' and it's the best. Fast fashion has a huge environmental and social impact on our planet. Giving some garments (or furniture!) a second or third chance reduces the amount heading to the landfill, costs far less to you than buying new and can often mean you're finding something that was made to LAST.

Far too often we head into stores that sell inexpensive, low quality garments that we'll wear for a season and throw out the next. INSTEAD, let's focus on buying pre-loved clothing that is more unique, of higher quality, and pretty fun to hunt for. I recently found the Mexican Blanket of my DREAMS at an antique shop on Ottawa Street in Hamilton (for a mere $18!!), and (AFTER WASHING IT) have been training our pups to lay on it so it smells more like our home and less like someone else's. WE'RE ALMOST THERE - IT'S A FUN PROCESS!

Small daily changes become easier and easier to stick to and before long, they'll be a regular part of your routine. Read articles and educate yourself on how you can go even further in terms of your home, your commute, your lifestyle and your choices. Use your voice and spread the word to those around you because these easy changes can cause a ripple effect, and turn your mind on to thinking that about more of those good good sustainable choices.

Remember your money is your vote! Use it wisely.

a s t r o f o r e c a s t // may 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

Although we switch to Gemini Season half-way through May, the earthy, sensual, attentive energy of Taurus that the month began with will remain with us throughout. This is due to Mercury and Uranus taking over Taurus residence and also a few other planets remaining in another, fellow earth Sign, Capricorn (some are even stationed Retrograde there, so we are very entrenched in that energy). As such, our concerns this month will remain firmly on what we want and what our strategy is.

Backtrack: April had ended with a Full Moon in Scorpio that left us with some intensity of thought around how we intend to provide ourselves with the life we want. ‘WE’ as in our individual selves, no one else. The Retrogrades of May then go on to provide us with exactly zero room for settling and getting comfortable. So, this is not an unfamiliar theme. We’ve given it some thought. But what does this leave us with? Answer: Some real talk; what is it that you want and what are you prepared to do about it? Because this month is all about getting established; putting in the time, putting forth the quality, getting recognized and definitely about getting paid.

Luckily, our potential for focus is high, as May has eager, can-do Mars moving into the peace-loving and deep thinking Sign of Aquarius. This transit has us soaring above drama and pettiness, ensuring that we can better concentrate on the big, bigger and expanding picture of our lives. The message of this month is to get on it, to manifest and be about your priorities.

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Find your "Marathon" and go do that by Michelle Cordeiro, CNP


As this year's 30 Day Runner's High Challenge approaches (starts May 1st, and you can still sign up!), I'm getting all pumped up on goal setting again. I love making lists and setting goals and feeling that pride of achievement. TO DATE the most proud of myself I've ever been was running a marathon last year because it really was the hardest mental and physical thing I've ever done (there were tears and self doubt all over the place that day!).

And I'm not saying that everyone should run a marathon (because a lot of people don't want to - and I get that) but everyone has that one thing they think sounds crazy ridiculous but they would still love to achieve. And whatever your 'marathon goal' is, think about it, manifest it, take little baby steps towards it, because it will come. As I trained for my race a year ago, I learned three main lessons that I believe can be applied to any goal that you set.

And they’re simple:


I haven’t always been a runner, and it took me a loooong time to actually consider myself one. I used to run in high school and through university as a way to stay in shape, but it was never because I loved it. I would run in the trails near my house and call it quits at the same point of the trail every single time. And it wasn’t until I started running with other people that I realized I could keep going as long as I took my mind off of it. My competitive side would come out and I would push to keep going for as long as they did, and it was never as terrible as I thought.

Because running is SO mental. And there are so many experiences that we go through every day that are either hindered or helped by our mental capacity to experience them.

We have the ability to push towards our goals or throw them away based on what our mind is telling us we can or cannot do. So constantly using positive reinforcement with yourself is of huge importance to reaching your goals.


In order to stay motivated, you have to find a way to keep yourself on track. I have a few tactics that help me stay committed and celebrate the little victories (BECAUSE THESE ARE ACTUALLY HUGE VICTORIES) as they happen. Display that goal somewhere where you can see it! Where others can see it! I had my run schedule posted on the fridge so not only could I see what run I had scheduled that week, but checking off each run felt really good.

This is also a way to celebrate those baby steps. It might seem very minor, but checking off a completed run, or seeing a whole week of check marks (prefer stickers? Use stickers!) makes you feel really good, and just might be the positive reinforcement you need to keep going.


This one is the best one. By creating a support system, whether in person or online, you'll have people to motivate you and remind you why you’ve set the goal in the first place. AND most importantly of all, you'll have people to lean on when the going gets tough (and it will, but that's okay). It's all about the community!

I was extremely lucky to have a training partner that lived in the same house as me. It was so much easier waking up for an early morning run when I could hear that she was already awake. This is because your community of support keeps you accountable and it’s there to give you a little confidence boost whenever you need it.

To properly utilize your community, try giving them things to check up on you with, share your goals with them, talk through your setbacks and frustrations with them, and best of all, find people with the same goals so you can support each other! Because although there’s a lot that we can do on our own, there’s so much more we can do together. Right!? Right.

So how are you doing? Have you thought of that one goal that you want to achieve that maybe you never thought was possible?

Instead of having negative thoughts about how impossible the goal seems now, make a plan and stick to it. Use things like lists, visual reminders, and enlist friends or family to help you stick to it (or even better, get them to join you in the pursuit of it!). Setting goals, and physically writing them down is the first step to achieving something that you never thought was possible, and if it’s anything like what the idea of running a marathon sounded like to me, you will be so surprised at what you can accomplish.

Need a new goal for the spring? Feel the urge to join a community? The last day to sign up for the 30 Day Runner's High Challenge (runs from May 1-30), is THIS TUESDAY APRIL 30TH.

JOIN US! It's a pressure free, inclusive challenge and might just shake up some good things inside you.


Make your own: Almond Milk by michelle cordeiro, cnp


One week into the 20 Day Good Body Feel Reset and I'm feeling gooood. Especially because I've found my sweet cravings have been curbed by Emily's granola recipe and a ginger turmeric almond latte I've been loving lately.

I've embarked on this challenge with my housemate who hates store bought almond milk (and I don't blame her). Although I don't necessarily hate the taste of the store bought stuff, I would always choose homemade almond milk first and foremost! Not only is it quick to make, but the ingredients are MUCH less funky and it tastes so. much. better (housemate approved!!).

SO I PROMISE once you try your first batch you'll never want to go back to the store bought variety. And you shouldn't...there's often thickening agents like carrageenan, added sugar and preservatives in the store bought stuff that you just don't need.

What I find most interressstttinnngg is that I can’t find a brand that lists the percentage of almonds in the beverage. Meaning, to keep costs low there is likely a low amount of almonds actually in your almond milk (I know, WHAT?).

Although you can make this recipe with a strainer, I would definitely recommend investing in a nut milk bag. It just makes the process much faster and more efficient; I find you get more milk out of the almonds with the bag rather than a strainer. PLUS I use my nut milk bag as a reusable bag for bulk items/produce, it's very multifunctional! Alternatively, if you already have reusable produce bags they might just work great as a nut milk bag too. Give it a go!

I also had a teacher once who  said he never actually strains the almonds out of his. So if you're not picky about a grainier milk then that's always an option too. I'm personally far too particular to just leave the almond pulp in there. But you do you!

And I mean, this kind of goes for most things, but I figure if you can make it at home, you may as well make it at home. The recipe is simple:



  • 1 cup of almonds, soaked overnight* in enough water to cover at least 2 inches above almonds
  • 4 cups of water
  • pinch of cinnamon (to taste)
  • pinch of sea salt (to taste)

*If time is an issue you can soak the almonds in boiled water for an hour to soften!


Rinse the soaked almonds until water runs completely clear. Place almonds in blender. Add water and blend on high for 2 minutes.

Pour mixture either into a nut milk bag or strainer, and strain into a bowl until all liquid is released. The nut milk bag requires you to squeeze for a few minutes until you just can't squeeze anymore (BONUS ARM WORKOUT!). You should be left with fairly dry almond pulp.

Pour almond milk into jars (it helps to pour through a funnel, or back into the blender first for minimal spillage) and add the cinnamon and sea salt.

Shake it up before each use. It WILL separate, and this is totally normal!


Want it sweeter? Add a couple dates to the blender with the almonds and water (I find 3-4 dates is enough).

Want it creamier? Use more almonds!

Want it more economical? Use less almonds!

The almond milk can last about a week in the fridge before going sour.

Full disclosure, I once made a smoothie with soured almond milk (it was an accident!!) and maybe, sort of, really liked the taste...but I do smell check it now to make sure it hasn't gone off I SWEAR.

PS. I still haven't found the best way to use the leftover almond pulp, and it often just sits in my fridge forgotten until I find it weeks later. So any suggestions PLEASE send them my way!


Detoxing: Does it have to be scary? by Michelle Cordeiro, CNP


I did a juice cleanse a couple years ago. For two days all I drank was juice and the whole time I was patting myself on the back for doing such a great thing for my body (I'm often my own personal cheerleader). But then I started to think about what happens after the cleanse? Was two days enough to purge my body of all it's toxins? Am I just good to go for another year now?

Of course not.

And this is why, while there could be value in juice cleansing, it's also important to adopt ways that you can keep the toxins moving OUTTA THERE every day, rather than saving them all up for your yearly cleanse.

Detoxing doesn't mean making huge, crazy, unsustainable changes to your diet for a day or two. And it also doesn't have to mean swearing off your favourite foods or those happy hour gin and tonics (at least not in my books!).

Gentle detoxes help your body get rid of all the junk that accumulates from pesticides, pollution, plastics, alcohol, smoking, non organic animal products/produce, conventional skincare, tap water, makeup and the list goes on and on. Even if you only eat organic salads and green smoothies all day, you can still find benefit from detoxing! Your liver already has so many jobs and functions to perform, think of detoxing as your way of easing the workload.

Now remember that there are 6 channels of elimination (liver, colon, lymph, kidneys, skin and lungs) and it's beneficial to target all of them when detoxing.

But start slow! Incorporate 1 or 2 of these into your day and see how you feel. The best way to start is choosing practices that easily fit into your life and schedule so they can become a lasting change in your lifestyle. My favourites are the ones I can do right when I wake up so 1) I don't forget (heh) and 2) my day is set up on a positive tone.

Let's start easy peasy:


Targets: liver + kidneys + colon

I adopted this habit years ago thanks to a past roommate and have stuck to it ever since. Every morning I wake up and drink 1L of water FIRST THING. Drinking water throughout the day is important, but starting your day with a litre (or as much as you can!) helps to rehydrate your body after a good night’s sleep.

The more water you drink the less headaches you'll get, your BM's will be more regular and it helps to alleviate dry skin. The addition of lemon is wonderful for your main detox organ - your liver! The lemon helps to alkalize your body, because although lemons are acidic, they have an alkalizing effect when ingested which helps to prevent diseases and boost your energy.

Had a couple drinks last night? Rehydrate your body and show your liver some L.O.V.E by squeezing at least 1/2 a lemon in that glass! And if you're loving this already and looking for something more, try adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar as well. This combination helps to increase stomach acid and beneficial enzymes to properly break down your food. Great for digestion. Great for detoxing. What do you have to lose?


Targets: colon

THIS. STUFF. I honestly can't get enough of chlorophyll since opening my first bottle a year ago. It's what makes plants green and healthy, yes, but is also great for your liver and therefore a key detox addition. 1 tablespoon in a litre of water (it can be that same morning litre referenced above!) helps to pull toxins through your body and clean up your colon.

If you have bad breath (or know someone who does...) this is often a sign of things not moving through your gut properly. One of my favourite benefits of drinking chlorophyll is that it's actually an internal deodorizer! SO COOL. It helps to kill odour causing bacteria in your gut and therefore kill the bad breath and body odour that's caused by this funky buildup. If it's your first time trying it, go for the mint flavour to ease into it even though I think it tastes delicious on its own (and if you've attended any of my Kombucha Workshops you know this is a staple flavour of mine!). The addiction is real.


Targets: skin + lungs + lymph

This might be an obvious one, but can't be stressed enough. A daily sweat sesh can expel toxins through your skin, one of the major but often forgotten about channels of elimination. Saunas, hot yoga, an outdoor workout (especially when the weather warms up) or whatever movement gets your body nice and sweaty!

One thing you might not think of is to always shower directly after - this washes off the toxins that you've just expelled and prevents them from being reabsorbed through your skin.


Targets: skin + lymph

THIS! Go get a dry brush and spend some time (I promise it only takes a couple minutes) before showering brushing your body and you will become addicted, honestly. Not only does it brush off dead skin cells, it helps to open up your pores so your skin can better eliminate toxins from your body. We all know that the skin is the largest organ right? So it only makes sense that we treat it with some kindness and help it perform one of its many functions: detoxification!

Dry brushing helps to detox by getting your lymphatic system moving (known as the drainage system of your body), removes dead skin cells (which is why I stand in the shower while I brush..) and helps with proper circulation and blood flow. You can freestyle your technique somewhat, but make sure to start at your feet and brush upwards towards your heart in short strokes.


Targets: liver

If you know me, you know I love my kombucha. Having been home brewing for the past two years I've read, seen and experienced the benefits of drinking this bubbly tea. But when I'm talking detoxification and booch, I'm talking more specifically about the glucuronic acid produced during the fermentation process. This organic acid is also made by your liver to bind to toxins and escort them out of the body.

The benefit to also drinking booch as a source of this acid is that you're again reducing the toxic load on your liver by lending it a hand in the organic acid producing department. Once this acid is bound to a toxin, it sacrifices itself to get that toxin out of your body; so drink up! Kombucha is great to drink first thing in the morning, during an afternoon slump or when you've devoured a large meal (mindfully of course!).

Simple changes, and I swear by them. Simple changes make healthy habits easier, more accessible and readily available to you on the daily. Give these a try and keep me posted on how you do.

Feel like you need a detox that goes a little deeper? Shoot me a message, I got you.


Massage for IBS by Rowan Nancarrow, RMT

hamilton ibs massage

Trust Your Gut

It's an old proverb and most of us have heard it since we were children. But what do you do when your gut rebels in ways you don't understand? 

Many of us suffer from digestive issues in some shape or form. Whether it's food intolerance, stress-related sensitivities or inflammation, sometimes our guts work in ways that don't make sense to us. More and more people are being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, a "diagnosis of exclusion" that just means a collection of symptoms that affect the large intestine. Defined by symptoms like cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation, it is usually brought on by food sensitivities, stress and lifestyle factors such as lack of movement or postural issues.

So what do we do about this? It's hard enough just to find time to feed ourselves, let alone figure out what foods make us feel better and which exacerbate pain and digestion issues. 

What a great time to think about abdominal massage! Massage therapy is an amazing modality to treat many of the issues that can manifest in the abdomen, such as stress, constipation, metabolic function and emotional well-being, and isn't always considered as a first line therapy for digestive discomfort. Let me change your mind... 

Constipation & Bloating

Folks dealing with IBS symptoms are all too familiar with the feeling of uncomfortable, full bellies. Massage can help to directly move gas and waste through the digestive tract to relieve the discomfort associated with contripation and bloating. 

Improve Metabolism & Overall Digestive Function

By regularly treating this area, massage helps to bring blood flow and oxygen to the gastrointestinal tract, which over time leads to a healthier, more active metabolic function. This is especially helpful for individuals with slower metabolisms. 

Decrease Stress Levels

Massage therapy in the abdomen will actively release tension in the muscle, viscera and fascia of the area. This decrease in muscular tension can helps reduce cortisol levels, the "stress hormone" that, while necessary, can have adverse effects if it builds up in excess in the blood system.  

Increase Emotional Well-Being

The abdomen houses the enteric nervous system, an autonomous functioning system which connects to the central nervous system through the vagus nerve. This system releases up to 30 neurotransmitters and plays a key function in satiety and emotional fulfillment. Massage therapy can help increase the functioning of this nervous system by stimulating the diaphragm, decreasing our heart rates, stimulating the release of digestive enzymes and therefore stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to help up relax. 

Never had massage in your abdomen? You'll be shocked to find out that your low back pain may actually be referred pain from constipation, or that the tightness in your shoulders is your body's way of holding tension from gas and bloating. 

Whether you suffer directly from IBS or you're just not sure what's going on with your gut, try working with a registered massage therapist to traverse the unknown - our gut health- and to re-establish that age old trust in your gut. 

Get in touch to chat more about how massage could help your digestive troubles or book an appointment with Rowan Nancarrow, RMT by going here.


 How much is stress contributing to your digestive woes? 

How much is stress contributing to your digestive woes? 

Oh hello there. If we haven’t met, I’m Michelle! A Holistic Nutritionist from Hamilton who is no stranger to funky digestive issues LET. ME. TELL. YOU.

And I’m going to paint you a picture and maybe you can relate, because this was my story for YEARS.

You’re bloated (oh yes).

You’re gassy (are you ever).

But you're trying to eat well (isn't that frustrating!?)

Now what if I told you that this could have less to do with what you’re eating and more to do with how stressed out you are while eating...

Let’s talk it out.

Picture having your favourite meal in front of you while you’re propped up on the couch watching Game of Thrones (and if you don’t watch G.O.T, think “on the edge of your seat, freaking out, screaming at the TV” kind of situation going on). You. Are. Stressed. Out. And you’re barely looking at your food as you gulp it down in a stressed blackout.

Besides the obvious issue of not enjoying your food, there is an even worse chemical reaction (or lack thereof) going on.

When you're stressed, that’s all your body can focus on. Your sympathetic nervous system ensures that only the bodily functions that are absolutely necessary are utilized to their fullest. You become more alert, your adrenaline starts pumping and you are ready to utilize any quick energy sources your body has to offer - which does not include the slow and calculated process of digestion!

Being stressed out (deadlines, TV, traffic, kiddies, anxiety, news updates…whatever it may be that day) puts your body into immediate survival mode, pumping blood to allow you to run faster and produce enough stress hormones to deal with whatever’s going on; in your body’s opinion, digestion can wait.


Stress even has the power to reduce the amount of stomach acid being produced which causes the food to stay in your stomach longer than it should, resulting in fermentation in your gut. Fermentation that creates gas which makes you bloated, makes you burpy and can result in acid reflux (the worst!).

This is such a common story and so important to realize so you can focus on decreasing your stress especially around meal times. This doesn’t have to be a huge change either, just stay mindful!

Take a few deep breaths.

Just take a moment before eating to appreciate what you're about to eat. Give yourself some love for taking the time to make this food (or making the incredible choice if you're ordering out!). Appreciate the fact that you have access to this beautiful meal and nourishment. Appreciate whoever it is that you're sharing this meal with (human, pet or house plant) and give your body some time to prepare for this meal. Not only will this help your digestion but I promise your food will even taste better!

Put down the cell phone.

Whether it's answering texts, emails or being available for phone calls, this is stressful. Being available through your phone at all times is stressful. Leave it aside. Don't scroll through Instagram mindlessly, don't feel the need to respond right away, just let whatever you can deal with later, be dealt with later. I always think about my family growing up and letting the landline ring if we were eating dinner. When you eat, let that landline ring!

Turn off Game of Thrones.

Or whatever show it is that you're binge watching right now. Even if it's not the most stressful show in the world, watching it is still taking your attention and focus away from the food you're about to devour. Limiting the distractions is important, and especially if those distractions make your blood boil and your heart race for Shaggy Dog (last reference, I swear).

Chew your food until it’s absolute mush.

Okay this is kind of a weird one to get used to and you might look a little crazy, BUT TRY IT! Have you ever seen a WHOLE KERNEL OF CORN in your poop!? I have, and it's alarming and a true sign that you aren't chewing enough. And I know this may seem basic but you'd be surprised at how little we chew our food. Keep chewing! It helps break the food down to ease the burden on your digestion and speed up the process. Chew until you can't decipher what's in your mouth anymore. Chew until your food is mush and you think you've chewed enough and then chew some more. Eventually this does become more of a habit and isn't something you'll need to think about. But for now, chew chew and chew some more!

And then focus your attention and energy on the task at hand; eating the heck out of that delicious piece of food and allowing your body to use all it’s wonderful tools of digestion. It makes all the difference.

Reach out and let me know how you do! I love getting all the juicy details in my inbox:

a s t r o f o r e c a s t // april 2018

original artwork by stylo starr. prints available for purchase h e r e .

We are S O excited about our new monthly collaboration with Attuned Practices & Stylo Starr! Attuned Practices will tap into cosmic consciousness for monthly forecasts and Stylo will create artwork to visually manifest the vibe.

Here's what's up // 

April begins fresh off the heels of the Spring Equinox, which added some pep to our respective steps, only to then get body-slammed with a Blue Full Moon in Libra on the very last day of March.  This was the second Blue Moon of 2018, so we took it much better this time, (after this past Pisces Season, we can take anything). Nevertheless, due to Mercury’s Retrograde, we are left more than a little disoriented, particularly in Libra’s domain: relationships.  Never fear. It’s just a shake-up, and hey, sometimes we need that...

The real focus of this month is on work/werk.  Most planetary positions are either in Aries or Capricorn this month, with a good deal of Retrogrades as well.  That means that we have uncommon zest about what we’re about. We are lusty about our goals, we are dedicated to our passions.  This combination brings a heightened awareness of both our abilities and our ambitions. As a result, we are are freshly, enthusiastically compelled to stand up and take charge of our individual situations.  

You know your brand of magic and this is no time to keep it dormant!  Embrace it. Let yourself be moved by it.

This vibe will not slow down, either.  The Aries New Moon half-way through the month gives us an added boost to keep that fire burning.  And all the searching, challenging and examining Retrograde energy of this month culminates nicely in the Full Moon on the 29th of April.  That Full Moon occurs in the most attentive of Signs, Scorpio, so expect to end this very active month with a clear understanding of just how damn good you really are.

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